Logo name was created as QISZAN

Why does this logo created? Well, my name is Qistina and my husband's name is Zaihan. We used a short our name as Qis (Qing) and Zan (Zang) Qing is my real name by Cheng in Mandarin and Zang actually Zhang his nickname in Mandarin. When we are married so that our name combined and created our nickname is called "Qiszan". That why is the logo had created by Zaihan.

The concept logo shows our caring and loving. The shape of this logo look like “apple” + "orange" and “heart”. The color is red and orange. Red brings loving, strong, spirit and rose. Orange represents to happiness, refresh, creative and young. That is our creative and creation.

In other hand, our poem was written by Qistina.

Apple and Orange juice are blended,
Feeling a delicious and taste,
Chinese and Malay cultural are mixed,
Look alike happiness and wonderful life.