As a long time ago, I would like to visit Penang again after I left the state for almost 12years. My missing regards the Penang memories is still refreshed in my mind basically the food. I'm so curious to go Penang, then I decided to choice the date is on 5 - 7th November 2011 for Penang journey.

In a message sent by my sister, Joyce Low in my mobile (SMS). She encouraged us that we go to Penang on 29 - 30th October 2011, a bit earlier because the PUSKOM, Penang of Deaf Association will held an event for FOC of hearing-aids donated by a hearing-impaired famous actor from USA named Marlee Beth Matlin. This is a good opportunity for us to get FOC hearing-aids. I rushed to send a message to my good friend, Maryam Magesvari to talk about this news. She and her husband agreed to join us to go Penang. I was very hurrying for booking the hostel in the last minutes on the internet.

On that date, after working hours we return back to our home to get a good sleeping. Maryam sudden call me to wake up at sharp 12 midnight, 29th October 2011. My husband prepared to drive the car to pick up my family and my friends first through go to Penang on the North - South Expressway at 2 o'clock in the morning. We took 4 hours to reach at Butterworth Penang, around 6am. Then we decided to have a ride on the ferry while our car was yelling "YAHOO" as it was first time to step on the ferry. During we was on way to George Town, Penang at 7am by ferry, we took some photos and a fresh air. It was a beautiful view of sea moving wave in a peace country as I am proud of myself born in Malaysia.

With using GPS, we was looking the hostel that I was booking already last time in the last minutes. The hostel brand is Red In Cabana. But we arrived at Red Inn Heritage, Love Lane, Penang that I guessed I was wrong the address of hostel. OMG!!, I was so careless. We was tired to look the hostel around the same place, and was asking the people for 2 hours. Final, we found the hostel that is nearby side with a chocolate factory which located at 22 Leith Street, Penang. It's looked not like hostel, but a history and nice double storey house. In the room of this hostel, nice also. The triple bed room is RM100 price, and the double bed room is RM80. It is reasonable price as the service is so good. We check in earlier as we was very tired. For your information that Red Inn Heritage Hostel and Red In Cabana Hostel are same the headed company.

After having lunch, we ate nasi kandar nearby somewhere. We went off to PDA at Jalan Bertam nearby Komtar, Penang. I saw there are many Deaf people crowded to get the number of ticket for queue. I met some old my friends who were studying in SMPKPP as same with me in my class. I and my family, just getting our ears mold first, we were not yet to get FOC hearing aids. They said, that we will have an appointment to collect the FOC hearing aids next time. These made us dissappointment abit as we need to come here twice again, but it is okay for us if our hearing-aids are provided that.

A leisure time, we went to Gurney Plaza some where there are many food hawkers to have our dinner first. We were free to choice what the food we like. There has kuey teow fried, seafood BBQ, asam laksa, chicken fried, rojak, and anymore. After we full, we went to Batu Ferringghi, to visit pasar malam. In the morning, my father bought a Chinese newspaper, he read and saw the news about FOC hearing aids event. We sleep enough before we leave to return back our home in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, we were on way nearby Penang bridge to catch the photos. I wished to say "Goodby to Penang" and "Welcome Home" to my house. I and my husband will visit Penang next time later.