In the end week of August, 27 in year 2011, my eldest sister Joyce Low intived I and my husband to join her journey to i-City, Shah Alam, Selangor with our parents together. For visiting at i-City is first time in my thought as a long time, I never visit them during I was working at i-City in last 2 years ago.

The i-City Park has many colorful Digital Lights of tree supported by MSC. Some LED lights made look like animals, X-mas trees, and other shapes. There got a snowalk next the park car. We entered with free of charge includes our car park. But for the Snowalk, it costs RM25 per adult and RM20 per child. This fee includes rental of a jacket. We did not want to have the Snowalk. We just took some photos around the i-City Park. The i-City Park opening hours from 7pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday and 7pm to 1am, Friday to Sunday, includes public hoilday.

Then we had our dinner for celebrating my birthday at Blue Apple Restaurant, i-City Shah Alam. The price is a reasonable for each of meals. We did meet some Deaf people from Malacca at i-City Park, they are older than us but we did not recognize them. My father would like to introduce himself and us to them as a friend. We had a short chatting. Finally, we went home around 9 tonight.