Mexico Dishes @ T.G.I Friday, KL

On the friday night dated 14th Birthday 2011, I was relaxing and watching television after tired working hours. Zaihan suddenly shocked me to invite me go to T.G.I Friday to have a nice dinner. We rushed to dress up and went off to Kuala Lumpur. At the T.G.I Friday, restaurant which located at Kuala Lumpur nearby Kuala Lumpur view at night. We served and seated on the luxury sofa. We were looking to order the food.

We finally to decide to order the Mexico dishes called "Queso Fondido" and "Double-Stack Chicken Quesadillas". This is first time our meal. We feel wonderful and so taste these food. We took some photos and video. I remembered that today is my husband's birthday. I feel weird why my husband invited to have a dinner today that why he wanted to celebrate his birthday. Oh my God!!, I should invite him lols. Anything, I spend him to have dinner with paying the bills of these dishes and drinks.