Beef Rendang

The Eid Aidilfitri will be coming soon in a few days later, I was thinking that I would like to cook beef rendang. At the same time, my good friend Maryam Maryam asked my favor to cook some beef her open house for Hari Raya this year. I agreed with her, and I prepared some ingredients and receipe before I went to her house.

On the 2nd Syawal of month as 31th August 2011, that day is third Anniversary of her and her husband. I was happy to help her as a free gift to them for their Anniversary. I taught her how to cook the beef rendang. In the first step, we need to fry the blended coconut until became kerisik. During cooking the kerisik, we may started to insert some garlic, onion, ginger, and cili into a water of bowl, and leave them for 1 hour. It's easy for us to cut and blend later. After cleaning and cutting of these items, then we started to blend them in the blender and make sure they are blended until smooth. We added some water a little to smoothe them in the blender. At the same time, we cut and boiled the beef meat first.

The thing blended and beef meat cooked were done, then we insert the thing blended and a little oil on the skillets or crock. When it has a smell, then insert the beef meat. The last step is pour 1 liter water of coconut (santan), kerisik, and turmeric leaf. Cooking them until dried, no water of coconut but do not make them scorched.

You can search from the internet source to learn how to cook the beef rendang. Remember to prepare the correct ingredients and Happy Cooking beef rendang. Here is a sample for you.