Journey at Cameron Higlands

Cameron Highland! Cameron Highland! that often said by Zaihan everytime he wants to go to Cameron Highland as he never go there before. But I have no time because I am busy with current job and wife house. Towards on the calendar of August for the Eid Aidilfitri Day has 4 off days, that time is good for me to have a journey and relax at Cameron Highland from the tension. We planned to find the hostel and the places to visit then.

Before a week of Eid Aidilfitri day, I was finding the hostel which cheap to book but all the hostel are full booked. I was shocked, this matter happened to me that was first time experienced. My eldest sister helps me to find the cheap hostel, she finally got one the chalet named is Sri Juliana Chalet, then she was SMSing to me some messages that she talked with the boss of this chalet. Without the wasting time, I made a decision to book the chalet for 2 triple rooms for 2 nights from 18 - 20th August 2012.

On night 17th August 2012, we prepared to leave from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong, Pahang. I was wrong to choice the date and way to Cameron Highlands. By the on way to Bentong, we found that many cars are on the highway. It was huge a jam-traffic for 2 hours, from Kuala Lumpur to Bentong as many Malay people went their hometown on that day. From Bentong to Raub, we did not use the highway but an old road to Raub. We arrived at Cameron Highland at 9am on 18th August 2012, Zaihan drove the car alone for 5 hours already.

Our first breakfast was at Bharat Tea Plantation and Cameron Valley Tea House, we bought some sandwich and tea. After that, we went to Brinchang but we were wrong way again to Cactus Point. We decided to visit the Cactus Point, Zaihan were shooting his photography favourite. I bought some small cactus. My father enjoyed to buy the cactus for his home plants. We went back to Brinchang again to find the chalet. We found Cactus Valley during we were on the way for finding the chalet , then we visited there and took some photos. After that, we were very tired and did not enough sleeping because we leave to Cameron Highland at 3 o'clock in the morning. We checked in the chalet at sharp 2 pm after we had lunch ourselves. In the chalet, look like the old house like a stone village. We had a short nap then. But I could not sleep well because in my room I smelled some the dust on the bed. I'm sensitive person. Joyce asked me that what were we planing for our dinner night. I answered her that we had dinner at Pasar Malam Brinchang, nearby police station. We were walking and looking around the stalls and hawkers, we bought some nasi goreng ayam and nasi lemak ayam to tapau. Lucky, the chalet has provided the extra tables and chairs for us to have dinner together.

In the early morning around 5am, I woke up to see the sun shines up nearby the chalet. Zaihan recorded the video on the sun's shining. Our breakfast was at chalet, we went off to Boh Tea Plantation and Cameron Valley using our car was on a narrow road. We should be press the hon every time we turn right or left, becasue we cant see the another car came from the oppsite of our car. A beautiful, peaceful, green tea of leaves is fully on the farm, and a fresh breathe of air from Cameron Highlands. Many visitors and people came to here and take some photos. The Cameron Valley were full people to have breakfast. I bought some sandwich and strawberry pie for break tea in the morning. After shooting photography was completed, we drove back to the same way, where we came from. We went to Bee Farm first time, it's actually called "EeFengGu" in Chinese language. We were excited to took some shoot and photos at the Bee Farm. A group of bees was dancing on their house (nest). It looks beautiful and funny the bees' tail. Then, we went to Strawberry Farm that place where was Zaihan buying a package of strawberries as the gift for me to pluck some fresh strawberries. A package of strawberries is costs RM25 per 1/2kg strawberries. If plucking the strawberries over 1/2kg, you will pay extra than RM25. If you like to more strawberries, you can buy 1kg, it's cost RM50. After completing to pluck the strawberries, we did not noticed and aware that the raining already was coming heavy. We cancelled the other place to visit such as at Kea Farm, Rose Center, Tunnel Time, and market as our plans. We had a lunch first until the raining finished.

In the evening, I and Zaihan were finding the Steamboat restaurants for my birthday dinner. We were going to see many the restaurants at Brinchang but there are not halal. Then, we made a decision to have dinner at Titiwangsa Hotel. Each person need to pay RM19. During I was reading a flyer and map on the way that we went to Tanah Rata, I found out the Thai Steamboat restaurant looks good but it's non-halal. Beside the restaurant, got Steamboat Restaurant and it is a perfect for us to have dinner. We just pay RM14 per head, cheap than Steamboat restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. On the time shows 4pm, that we was full already. We went to Starbuck Coffee to have a relax and look the internet. At sharp 6pm, we had to enjoy our dinner at May Flower Steamboat Restaurant is located at No 77A Persiaran Camellia 4, Tanah Rata. We never think that restaurant is popular and famous in Cameron Highlands. In the ending, Zaihan paid off the bills and then we went back home to the chalet. One more thing, we had a small party for my birthday that the package of strawberries we bought somewhere I plucked just evening. Zaihan brought the candles and gave to me to put on the strawberries. The strawbberries with candles look like "bunga api"

We checked out from the chalet early morning as we need to go to Rose Center, and we did not return back to chalet again. Then, we arrived at Rose Center after our breakfast at Indiana Restaurant, we paid the ticket to enter the Rose Center. It's RM5 per head. I feel WoW and wonderful. There is many flowers look pretty lady as me. We were walking and climbing up to top mountain of Rose Center but we were tired to went at top. After enjoying at flower farm,we went to Kea Farm that I asked Zaihan to stop nearby. I want to buy some vegetables, roses and strawberries before we leave to Kuala Lumpur. Then, we went off to Tanah Rata to have lunch first. We choose an Indiana or mamak restaurant, we ordered cheese naan, tandoori chicken, chicken rice and roti canai. Therefore, we were on the way at North-South Express highway, I wish to say "Goodbye to Cameron Highlands" and "Thank you for allowed us to visit".

What I have been here since last 3 days, that I feel very happy to have a good journey at Cameron Highlands with using our car and GPS. What I feel afraid and bad experienced that the narrow road, one way line only we are Deaf, could not hear the hon from the other cars were coming oppsite of our car at Boh Tea Plantation, we were trapped in jam-traffice and could not to get out. I forced to help the other cars, make sure they went out. You guys should visit at Cameron Highlands,Pahang Malaysia at one day.