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Penang Asam Laksa

Curious to taste the asam laksa in Penang are you? The asam laksa is very popular in Penang, Malaysia. I and my mother like to eat this asam laksa only in Penang. It's very delicious and wonderful to eat. When we go to Penang, we should not missed to have eaten asam laksa. It is available at stall and hawker or eateries all the island. Their asam laksa dishes as the best, the most famous asam laksa is the one operating at the Air Itam market, Penang.

In my thought that I would like to learn how to cook the asam laksa. I was thinking that it's difficult to learn how to cook the asam laksa, actually it is not difficult when I was looking the recipe of asam laksa at internet sources. I will cook this asam laksa when I have a free time, and teach you guys later. See you then....