Hello! How are you? Welcome to our blog, Qiszan's blog. Happy to visit our blog.

Well here. We want to introduce our biography. We are Deaf Designer who was graduated diploma in Limkokwing University. My name is Qistina Low and my husband's name is Zaihan Mustapa. What is meaning of the nickname "Qiszan". This was combined as Qiszan a creative name that made by us. Qis is a short called from Qistina. Between Zan is a called from Zaihan. And we were married, so our nickname is "Qiszan" as our identity. The logo had been created by Zaihan.

This concept logo represent our caring and loving. The shape of this logo look like “apple” + "orange" and “heart”. The color is red and orange. Red brings loving, strong, spirit and rose. Orange represents to happiness, refresh, creative and young. That is our creative and creation.

In other hand, our poem was written by Qistina for our wedding invitation card.

Apple and Orange juice are blended,
Feeling a delicious and taste,
Chinese and Malay cultural are mixed,
Look alike happiness and wonderful life.

This blog is our LIFEstyles our Journey our Enjoying as a slogan. It is regarding what are we doing, where are we going, what are we eating and how are we caring. Thank you for your time to visit our blog. Happy surfing. Want to know more our personal, kindly to click here. Qistina and Zaihan

Mustapa Art

Mustapa Art